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How to change or modify my position in Tinder on Android or iPhone step by step

Tinder is one of the applications de met the most popular in recent times, there are many testimonials from people who meet through this app and get married.

One of the ways to quickly find a partner via Tinder is to maintain a transparent profile which is also up to date.

So Tinder is a dating app that allows you to constantly update your data as an change and verify your phone number or change and modify your location.

Meet people on Tinder by location

Tinder is a dating app that works by location, that is to say, it is about meeting people from the same geographical area, to connect with people who are nearby.

Register or create an account on Tinder is quite simple, you just need to have an email , a phone number or a Facebook account.

Once registered in Tinder, he uses GPS on the Android or iOS device to determine the location of the account and thus display people who are in the same area.

Since Tinder uses the mobile device’s GPS service, matches between people will be those from the same geographical radius, from so that it will not be possible to match people in different parts of the world.

The app is designed so that when two people correspond on Tinder , a chat window opens through which to get to know each other, in this way, if you plan to connect with someone remotely, it will not be possible.

How do I change or modify my position on Tinder?

One of the easiest ways to change location in Tinder is to use the app’s special service, which is Tinder Plus. Tinder plus is here Premium version of the app, this service has a cost of $ 9,99 per month, so it is not a free service.

Once you are registered and are a member of the plus version, this also allows you to change the username in Tinder, this also allows you to change or modify the location. As a Tinder Plus member or subscriber , the location Account can be changed by entering its parameters.

Once in the settings, click on “Information on the account” , then you can change the location of the account quickly and easily and thus have more opportunities to find love.

How to change or modify the GPS location on Android or iPhone?

In the case of not having tinder plus, a lot of people wonder if it is possible to change the location anyway? And the answer is yes.

Thanks to accessibility GPS information from from an Android or iOS device, it is possible to change or modify the location in the Tinder dating app.

The method consists of trick the app into changing the GPS position, this way the app will start showing people at the new location.

To perform this method, it will be necessary to download a fake GPS application, thanks to this application it will be possible to enter a location manually.

Then, you will have to click on the settings of the Android or iOS device then press or click on “Development options” or “Developer options”.

Once inside the options, the box for simulated locations should be enabled. The next step to take is to enter the fake GPS app and enter the desired location.

Now, when entering Tinder, the app will recognize the new location via GPS and establish it as the new place of residence so that it is possible to find log on quickly and for free with people from all over the world .