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Make sure your picture looks like you

Avoid group photos on your dating app profile. You don’t want to confuse potential dates about which person in the group you are. Similarly, you might want to include a far-away shot of you with a famous landmark to communicate your love of traveling, but long-distance photos don’t show your face well.

The plan is to eventually meet these people in real life, right? Editing a photo to a point where it doesn’t look like you or using a photo that is old will come across as false advertising. Make the visuals on the profile an honest reflection of your appearance.

Write an honest profile

It’s not just your appearance that you need to be honest with. Don’t fake your age, your height, your preferences, your favorite movies or your opinions because you think it will get you more attention. Let your profile reflect your true self, not what you think others are looking for.

What to do if your matches aren’t what you expected

You may soon discover that the potential matches popping up for you aren’t exactly what you were expecting. Go back to your trusty settings to make sure your preferences stuck, or add a few more. It will feel weird to be brutally honest about what you’re looking for in your future partner to a machine, but it will pay off in your new batch of matches.

How to know if you should switch sites

So you changed your settings, you were upfront about what you were looking for and your matches still aren’t improving. No need to keep pouring your time into a platform that just doesn’t work for you. Be open to moving over to a different blk search site or app. After all, all the hard work like choosing your photos and writing your profile is already done.

Put thought into your messages

A message to someone should be honest but lighthearted. Remember that you aren’t proposing marriage, you’re just asking to meet up for a coffee, so keep it casual. An option is to poll your friends and talk about the type of messages that would catch their attention.

Know that it’s OK to not be interested

If you receive a message from someone, it doesn’t mean you have to go on a date. While it might be good to try new things and go a little out of your comfort zone, don’t feel obligated to accept a date from every person. When you know, you’ll know.

Patience is key

You might not find a lot of matches right away, and that is OK. Online dating might not yield instant success, but even just getting used to putting yourself out there is going to help you grow into it over time.

Try to be a bold app user

One thing to remember is that dating apps take the guesswork out of whether or not someone is looking to date. If this person is putting themselves out there in this setting, then they are interested to some degree. That takes some of the traditional stress out of sending a message, so go for it.

Be careful with your information

Be careful of what personal information you are giving away on dating apps and websites to avoid being scammed. Never give out your address or your place of work over an app or dating site.

Consider using more than one

Who says you can only use one dating site at a time? Try out a few, even simultaneously. Maybe you’ll find matches more your speed on one over the other, or maybe you will just enjoy one experience better. Once you’ve found a new sweetheart, here are some ideas of where to head on a romantic adventure with them.